TRUE AMES "Yater Apocalypse"  9.5"

TRUE AMES "Yater Apocalypse" 9.5"

The Yater Apocalypse fin features the timeless simplicity, classic curves, and straight-forward functionality that Renny is so well known for. A fin template that was as relevant 50 years ago as it is today, the design inherently complements so many aspects of longboarding. Available in 9.5" and 10.0", the Apocalypse fin provides plenty of hold, pivot and drive - the perfect conception of an exceptional longboard fin. This fin will transport your board to the iconic and effortlessly smooth surfing of the mid 60’s era.

This is a fin that we are truly excited to celebrate not only because of its performance but also because of its heritage and historical relevance. The Apocalypse fin template is the same as the original which was glassed-on to the surfboard Renny was commissioned to shape in the early ’60s by screenwriter John Milius for the critically acclaimed film, Apocalypse Now. A fin design that will continue to transcend time and board design, the Apocalypse is a must-have classic that has been tried and true for close to six decades.

¥ 12,900




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